Breastfeeding Tips

7 Mistakes New Breastfeeding Parents Make

Here are 7 mistakes we see new breastfeeding parents make.... Can you think of any others?  ❌ Expecting your pediatrician ...
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Newborn sleeping - Bayou City Breastfeeding

Decoding Newborn Feeding: Navigating the First 48 Hours with Confidence 

Some of the hardest times for feeding a newborn begin while in the hospital. Our breasts do not feel full, ...
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Postpartum Depression Mental Health Awareness

May: Fostering Mental Health and Postpartum Wellness

It’s May! Last month of the school year (for most), flowers are in bloom (still have quite a bit of ...
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Baby in a Bodywork Session

How Will Bodywork Help My Baby?

Chiropractic care for infants can offer several potential benefits, including: Facilitating optimal breastfeeding: Infants who have difficulties when nursing can ...
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mother pumping milk

Exclusive Pumping: Not Just for Going Back to Work

Mothers can choose to pump milk and feed the baby via bottle with expressed breast milk. We call this method ...
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Bottle Feeding a Breast Fed Baby

Bottle Feeding the Breastfed Baby

You have heard horror stories, right? You gave your breastfed baby a bottle and now they will not breast feed ...
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freezer stash of breast milk

The Myth of the Freezer Stash 

I have been a breastfeeding mom for a majority of the last 17 years (currently at a total of 108months, ...
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Baby in High Chair

How to Start the Weaning Process 

Here you are, considering weaning. Maybe you met your breastfeeding goal, however long or short it was. Maybe your goal ...
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wine and breastfeeding

Cheers to Moderation: Wine and Breastfeeding Explained 

  The journey of breastfeeding comes with various challenges and questions, and one that often arises is whether it's safe ...
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Side Lying Breastfeeding Hold

Is That a Football or a Baby? Common Breastfeeding Holds

You have just had your beautiful baby and have chosen to feed them your specially designed “liquid gold” breastmilk. This ...
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