The Myth of the Freezer Stash 

I have been a breastfeeding mom for a majority of the last 17 years (currently at a total of 108months, or almost 9 years, still breastfeeding my youngest, who just turned 3 yrs old last month) and when I haven’t been breastfeeding my own 6 kids, I have always had a passion of helping other breastfeeding moms. So much so that I finally became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2020! 

Is a Freezer Stash Necessary?

Over the years, I observed a growing obsession with “the freezer stash” of breastmilk. Recently, I set a goal to educate as many of my momma clients as possible that the need for a stash is not essential (in most situations). I’ve encountered numerous moms who stress themselves out, expecting to pack away bags of frozen milk. Often, they miss out on those fleeting moments with their rapidly growing newborns and feel drained from being connected to a baby and/or a pump for a majority of their waking (or half-awake) hours.

I am writing this as a PSA to all those moms who have been led to believe that they are not producing enough milk or that they lack better time management skills because they don’t need to invest in a deep freezer to store an overflow of frozen milk. Let me emphasize again: IT IS NOT NECESSARY (in most cases). 🌟

Here’s The Deal

If you’re breastfeeding on-demand and want to freeze some milk for occasional use (like when you’re out or for date nights), just pump once a day after a morning feeding. By doing this every day, or even every other day, you will accumulate enough milk for a few feedings. 
If you are preparing to return to work, the same method will help accumulate the milk to have for that first day back. But you DO NOT need more stored than that!  
If you feel confused or unsure of my reasoning, let’s take a moment to think it through. You will be pumping at work, to maintain your supply, then you will replace what baby eats that day, while you are apart. What you pump at work on Day 1 will then be used when you are at work, pumping again, on Day 2 and so on. YES, a little cushion of a feed or 2 extra is always great, but you will be replacing what baby eats each day as you pump at work. 

The Reality of Pumping and Bonding

Many famous moms (or those in mom groups you’re part of) share massive freezer stash photos, leaving us all wondering what we might be doing wrong. When I see these pictures, I often ponder whether these moms are missing out on precious time with their newborns because they have to keep pumping. I wonder if the baby is feeding at the breast at all. Now, please understand: I don’t say these things to be mean, rude, or negative. I’m well aware of the time involved in nursing a baby and the effort required for pumping (including washing parts and storing milk). So, I can’t help but wonder what gets lost when a mom juggles both! 🌟


Now, don’t misunderstand mesome situations arise where a momma must both feed at the breast and pump, or she is an exclusive pumper. However, to those mommas who find themselves triple feeding or exclusively pumpingyou are truly awesome!

I am addressing a large portion of new mommas who have seen those photos of big pumping bottles filled with breastmilk and the huge freezers overflowing with breastmilk bags. Now, they believe they should be able to achieve the same or that it is necessary. But here’s the truthit just isn’t needed. 🌟


Jessica DeAses, RN IBCLC RLC