Bayou City Breastfeeding Survey Results for our 2022 clients.


Each June, we send a survey to all our clients from the previous year.  This report is the results of our survey of providing lactation support in Houston and the surrounding communities.  The graphic report is shown below with an executive summary following after the graphical report.

Executive Summary of Bayou City Breastfeeding's 2022 Client Survey

Bayou City Breastfeeding (BCB), a leader in lactation consulting, is proud to share the insights from our comprehensive 2022 client survey. With responses from 641 families, this survey sheds light on the effectiveness of our services and areas for improvement, reaffirming our commitment to supporting breastfeeding families in the Houston area.

High Success Rate in Meeting Breastfeeding Goals

  • 82% of our clients met or expect to meet their breastfeeding goals, a testament to the effectiveness of BCB's lactation consultants.
  • BCB clients showcase higher breastfeeding rates and longer duration compared to state and national averages, with 87% still breastfeeding at 6 months.

Common Challenges and BCB's Impact

  • Clients primarily sought support for feeding problems, poor weight gain, ties, and latching difficulties. BCB successfully resolved these issues for most clients.
  • More visits correlated with higher goal achievement, emphasizing the value of BCB's relationship-based care.

Client Satisfaction and Appreciation

  • A remarkable 82% rated BCB's support as excellent, praising the consultants for their empathy, expertise, and empowerment.
  • 21% who did not meet their goals highlighted opportunities for BCB to enhance its holistic and family-focused care.

BCB's Vision and Mission

BCB aims to empower parents as baby experts, providing expert guidance on infant feeding and development. Our team-as-family culture, work-life balance, and evidence-based care are cornerstones of our service.

Breastfeeding Goals and Outcomes

  • Most clients surpassed the average goal duration of 12 months, highlighting BCB's positive influence on breastfeeding longevity.
  • Challenges like low milk supply and latch issues point to areas where BCB can further strengthen its support.

Reasons for Seeking Help

  • Latching issues, suspected ties, and low milk supply were the top reasons clients approached BCB, aligning with our mission to address these common hurdles.

BCB's Role in Breastfeeding Success

  • 97% of clients acknowledged BCB's positive impact on their breastfeeding journey, with high breastfeeding rates surpassing Texas and national figures.

Client Satisfaction with Lactation Consultants

  • Clients expressed deep gratitude for individual consultants, emphasizing their vital role in navigating breastfeeding challenges.

Areas for Improvement

  • Addressing issues such as low milk supply, work-related breastfeeding challenges, and administrative efficiency remains a focus for BCB.


BCB’s survey highlights our significant role in supporting breastfeeding families and identifies key areas for ongoing improvement. Our commitment to listening and responding to client feedback ensures that we continue to empower Houston families on their breastfeeding journey.