Tongue-Tie Didn’t Stop Us – Sophie M.

I was referred to Suzanne Juel by my pediatrician in 2010. My son was 2 weeks old and not gaining weight. Suzanne was able to immediately identify and fix the problem. I was able to successfully nurse my son! I saw Suzanne again in 2012 with my second son. I was in tremendous pain every time he would latch. She identified a tongue and lip tie, gave us exercises to do with him, and I was able to nurse him pain free!

I saw Suzanne again in 2016 with my daughter. She identified several issues and we are working through them! Suzanne is very knowledgeable with all things pertaining to lactation. She always makes sure to let you know you’re doing a good job. I have recommended more friends than I can count to Suzanne. Her heart is to help breastfeeding mothers succeed.

–Sophie M. 2016

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