Jennifer G.

Suzanne Juel is a standalone in the field of lactation consulting. She is so well versed on the diverse issues that come with feeding new little babes and the complexities that surround the relationships between mother and child. I maintained a close relationship with Suzanne and she helped me with the bevy of issues that came with my 2 breastfed children. From tongue ties, to genetic issues, to diminished supply and oversupply, Suzanne was able to solve every problem we encountered, and quickly.

She is always willing to answer any question I have or provide me with research or places to locate articles regarding my questions. Suzanne is passionate about true health and wellness and values relationships with her clients. We are still nursing strong at 2 years old (in November 21st). Suzanne is the most supportive and positive person I know in this industry. She will help you with any solution you desire for your relationship with your child. No question or issue is too big for her. In my opinion, Suzanne Juel is a super hero for babies and mommas [❤️]

Submitted by Jennifer G – 2016

All photos used with permission

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