Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Private Prenatal Consultations:

The best time to meet with your Lactation Consultant is before you have your baby.  Whether you are a first time parent, or had problems breastfeeding your previous children, this meeting with an IBCLC will help you put together a plan for your breastfeeding success.

Prenatal consultations generally last 1-2 hours and include a full health

history, review of previous breastfeeding issues, review of breastfeeding basics (latch, positioning, etc.), review of the patient’s specific concerns and creation of a breastfeeding plan for the parent and baby.

Selected Insurance Accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare*

Prompt Payment Discounted rate for Cash pay Patients: $150 per couple

Home Visit surcharge: $60

*Patients using their insurance benefits may also be billed for any applicable copay, deductible or coinsurance fees 

In-Patient Lactation Consultations

While most area hospitals have Lactation Consultants on staff, some patients who had previous difficulty with breastfeeding, or who are anxious about breastfeeding, may want to have more in-depth lactation support while still in the hospital.  For these patients, an IBCLC can visit them while they are still in the hospital (within 24-48 hours of delivery).  These visits generally last about an hour.

Notes: This service is only offered to patients who have had a prenatal consultation prior to delivery of their baby.  We are unable to bill this visit to insurance, so this is offered as a Cash Pay only option.

Insurance not accepted for this service

Prompt Payment Discounted rate for Cash pay Patients: $150

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