Classes/Support Groups

Classes/Support Groups

TummyTimeTM Method classes

The TummyTimeTM Method class teaches parents not only how to get their babies to enjoy TummyTimeTM, but also how to use it as a therapy.  With the focus on safe sleep and Back To Sleep, many parents struggle with having their babies spend time on their tummy.  Lack of time on their tummies leads to flat head syndrome, torticollis, delayed motor skill development, and poor tongue posture. TummyTimeTM helps babies who are recovering from frenectomy procedures, or who are dealing with reflux, colic or digestive problems.  Class size is limited to four pre-crawling infants and their caregivers.  Registration is required.

Fee: $30 per baby
Insurance not accepted for these visits

Baby-Led Weaning Classes

This class is for parents who want more information about how to introduce solids using Baby-Led Weaning.  Baby-Led Weaning (or infant self-feeding) is a way of introducing solids that reduces the likelihood that your child will be a picky eater. It is especially helpful for babies who have had oral restrictions or who have food allergies.  Class size is limited. Registration is required.

Fee: $40 per family
Insurance not accepted for this class

Back to Work Class

This class is intended for parents who are returning to work within the next month.  Topics covered include pumping at work, bottle feeding techniques, determining how much milk to send, milk handling and food safety, how to maintain milk supply when returning to work, and integrating bottle feeding and breast feeding.  Class size is limited. Registration is required.

Fee: $40
Insurance not accepted for this class

Breastfeeding Basics Class

This prenatal class is intended for both first-time parents, and parents who would like to review the basics of breastfeeding.  Topics covered include preparing for breastfeeding, skin to skin, breastfeeding in the first hours, breastfeeding in the hospital, establishing milk supply, how to tell if you baby is getting enough milk, what to expect when you get home, what to expect in the first week, basic latch and positioning, hand expression and breast pumps, and preventing common problems.

Fee: $10 (expectant parent and one support person)
Insurance not accepted for this class

Post-Frenectomy Support Group

This weekly support group is intended for parents whose baby had a frenectomy procedure.  Registration is required as group size is limited to allow the IBCLC to perform wound healing checks and give guidance on wound care, healing and exercises.  While infants may feed during the support group meeting, this group is not intended to provide support for latch, positioning, milk supply, or other breastfeeding issues.  Attendees are not required to be working with one of our IBCLCs to participate in this group.

Cost: $10 per baby
Insurance not accepted for this support group

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