Is Tongue Tie just an Internet Fad?

Is Tongue Tie Just and Internet Fad?

Tongue tie and lip tie may seem to be the new “hot” diagnosis du-jour online, and some pediatricians and other medical professionals are expressing concern that it is being over-diagnosed, causing babies and children to undergo unnecessary surgical procedures. But there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of education in this area.

Toddler Feeding

Feeding Suggestions for Toddlers

Finger foods are always great for toddlers, and your toddler will also begin to learn how to feed himself with a spoon and fork. Many babies prefer to eat foods which they can pick up and feed themselves, rather than foods that must be spooned to them. A lot of babies would rather have food right off the table than the blander-tasting baby foods.

How Often Should My Child Receive a Medical Examination?

One of the primary job responsibilities of any good parent is making sure that your child gets the right medical examinations on the proper schedule.

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