The Case For and Against Nipple Shields

The Case for and Against Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is usually a thin, flexible silicone cover that is worn over the parent’s nipple. This tool can be helpful or detrimental to breastfeeding, depending on how, why and when is being used. The research on using nipple shields is very mixed.

How Often Should My Child Receive a Medical Examination?

One of the primary job responsibilities of any good parent is making sure that your child gets the right medical examinations on the proper schedule.

What You Need to Know About Your Maternity Leave Rights

Finding out that you’re expecting a child is certainly a joyous occasion. However, as wonderful as it is preparing for...

Top 12 Tips for Increasing Milk Supply

Many breastfeeding parents want to increase how much milk they make. So here are our top # tips for increasing...

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